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Tourism Signage Media Release

Tourism Signage Media Release

It’s been a busy year for signage in the Pilbara. The Pilbara Regional Council (PRC) in collaboration with member Local Governments has made a commitment this year to focus on improving tourism signage across the Pilbara thanks to support from the Pilbara Development Commission.

One such project saw regional entry signs installed at key drive entry points into the region. The entry points, which had previously been unmarked, now warmly welcome visitors and alert them to the fact that they are in the Pilbara.

“It’s astonishing to think that until this project was complete, visitors entering into the region would never have known they had arrived in the beautiful Pilbara” said PRC CEO Tony Friday. “Now the signs provide a warm welcome, enhancing visitor’s experience of the region”.

Not the only signage project delivered this year, the PRC has also been working with the Town of Port Hedland and City of Karratha to deliver additional tourism signage at Peawah Rest Stop as well as five more regionally consistent signs that welcome visitors to both local government areas.

“The PRC was able to deliver a great outcome for the region, driving significant value out of the available funding” said Mr Friday. “Not only that, but the consistent signage contributes to visitor’s experience and improves the Pilbara’s recognition as a destination that welcomes and encourages visitors.”

The PRC has another signage project underway – to improve the Warlu Way Tourist Drive Trail. A combination of directional and interpretative signage will be installed on the iconic tourist trail, encouraging visitors to spend time and explore our beautiful region.

Pilbara Development Commission Chief Executive Officer Terry Hill said improving signage in the region would support the growing tourism industry.

“Tourism is a key economic driver of the Pilbara, and having consistent signage will help us to create a strong identity and sense of place,” Mr Hill said.

The delivery of these projects is an exemplar of local and state government working together to swiftly address a need, and support the development of the regions tourism industry. Each project has been made possible by the Pilbara Development Commission through Royalties for Regions. A group of representatives from each of the Pilbara LGAs including the City of Karratha, Shire of Ashburton, Shire of East Pilbara and Town of Port Hedland, as well as Australia’s North West Tourism, Main Roads WA, the Department of Biodiversity and Attraction, Pilbara Development Commission and the PRC are working together to drive these projects forward.