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    Corporate Publications

    Strategic Community Plan

    All local governments in Western Australia are required to plan for the future under Section 5.56(1) of the Local Government Act 1995. The Department of Local Government’s Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework is designed to help local governments meet their strategic planning responsibilities. This includes the establishment of a successful strategic planning process. The Strategic Planning Framework outlines the method to achieve a sustainable local government through holistic planning and reporting. It’s about better integrating local government’s statutory planning and reporting processes, and streamlining our operation with the involvement of the community. In addition to being a legislative requirement, the Strategic Community Plan serves an important community purpose. It aims to engage the people of the local government area in planning its future. The Strategic Community Plan is a forward-looking document that sets down a vision for the future of the local government area and outlines how the Shire and the community will achieve that vision in the next 10 years.

    Please click here to download Strategic Community Plan 2013-23

    Corporate Business Plan

    The Corporate Business Plan is an internal business planning tool that translates Council priorities into operations within the resources available. It represents the activation of the Pilbara Regional Council’s (PRC) Strategic Community Plan. The Strategic Community Plan articulates long term vision, aspirations, and strategic priorities of PRC’s key stakeholders; and the Corporate Business Plan is the enabling instrument.

    Please click here to download

    Code of Conduct

    The Local Government Act 1995 requires every council to adopt a code of conduct for observance by all Elected Members, Committees, Officers and delegates representing the council. It is the personal responsibility of council officials to comply with the standards in the code and regularly review their personal circumstances with this in mind. This Code is complementary to the principles adopted in the Local Government Act 1995 which incorporates four fundamentals that aim to result in:

    1. better decision-making by local governments;
    2. greater community participation in the decision and affairs of local governments;
    3. greater accountability of local governments to their communities; and
    4. more efficient and effective local government.

    The Code provides a guide and a basis of expectations for Elected Members and Officers. It encourages a commitment to ethical and professional behavior and outlines principles on which individual and collective Local Government responsibilities may be based. It should be read in conjunction with, and does not replace, the obligations set out in the Local Government Act 1995, any other Act or Regulation and the Council’s Standing Orders. The parties to this code agree to abide by its provisions at all times having regard to the declaration of office and Council policy.

    Please click here to download PRC code of conduct

    Disability Services Plan

    This Disability Services Plan has been prepared by the Pilbara Regional Council to ensure that people with disabilities are included and can access and use facilities, services and functions provided by the PRC. This plan is to be reviewed biennially, at which time it may be amended and extended as new strategies are identified and priorities change. For the purposes of this Plan, the World Health Organisation’s definition of disability is utilised to define disability:

    “Disability is a loss or reduction of functional ability which results from an impairment. An impairment is defined as an anatomical or functional abnormality or loss which may or may not result in a disability.”

    The Plan includes:

    1. Principle applicable to people with disabilities;
    2. A disability anti discrimination statement;
    3. Functions, facilities and services provided by the PRC;
    4. A statement of Outcomes relevant to this Plan; and
    5. Strategies to improve access and inclusion in the PRC


    Annual Budget

    Effective planning and control of a local government’s operations begins with the development of operational plans for achieving its organisational and financial objectives. The budget is a detailed financial plan for the coming year covering all aspects of a council’s operations, and should reflect the resources generated by way of revenue and the resources consumed by way of expenditure. The key objectives of budgeting in local government are:

    1. to provide a fiscal management tool for the carrying out of council’s programs in the ensuing year;
    2. to provide the means by which the council is accountable to the community for the rates to be levied; and
    3. to provide the basis for the setting of rates.

    The annual budget is a short term reflection of the local government’s plan for the future as outlined in the corporate business plans for that period. It represents, financially, the actions expected to be taken by the council in achieving its objectives.

    Please click here to download Pilbara Regional Council Budget 2014-15

    Tender Download Link PRC 001/15

    Tender Addendum


    12 November 2014Regional Centre Wi-Fi Hotspot Infrastructure & Internet Access (Please go to PRC Publications or Tenderlink website at www.tenderlink.com to download the document) Closed
    14 February 2014Supply and Installation of Airport Screening Equipment (Please go to Publication section for download link) Closed
    14 February 2014Supply of Airport Screening and other Security Services (Please go to Publication section for download link) Closed
    01 September 2012Bureau Services Payroll Project - Request for Quotation - Advisory Services - Business Case Preparation Closed
    10 June 2012PRC - RFQ - Admin Support Closed
    17 July 2012PRC - RFQ - Finance Closed

    Other Publications

    FIFO Reports

    PRC FIFO Submissions to Inquiry into the use of ‘fly-in, fly-out’ (FIFO) workforce practices in regional Australia.

    The Pilbara Regional Council submitted two submissions into the Parliamentary Standing Committee inquiry into the impact of FIFO workforce practices on Regional Australia.

    Please click here to download
    Pilbara/Kimberley Forum 2014


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