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Warlu Way Brochure

Activities / Current Activities

The Warlu Way Tourism Brochure

Part of the Pilbara Tourism Development Initiative

Explore the region based on what you like

The Warlu Way Tourism Brochure has the top pick activities in each location. Experience the Warlu Way either via its coastal or inland routes. The brochure categorises the activities based on 3 Thematic Experiences:

  • Remote Adventure
  • Industry & Resources 
  • Arts & Culture
Must visit locations in the Pilbara

The brochure  has the must visit locations include

  • Onslow & Old Onslow 
  • Mackerel Islands
  • Montebello Islands Marine Park 
  • Karratha 
  • Dampier 
  • Roebourne 
  • Cossack 
  • Point Samson  
  • Millstream-Chichester National Park 
  • Port Hedland & South Hedland
  • Tom Price 
  • Karijini National Park
  • Newman
  • Marble Bar 
About the Pilbara

The Pilbara is situated in the North West of Western Australia (WA) between the Gascoyne and Kimberley regions. Well known for its rich mineral deposits, the Pilbara has long been described as the powerhouse of the Australian economy. But scratch the surface just a little and you’ll discover a whole world of attractions beyond the mines.


The region itself has some of the world’s oldest rock formations, dating back two billion years. With this comes the rich and ancient culture of the Indigenous people of the Pilbara who have inhabited the region for tens of thousands of years.


Visitors to the Pilbara will be overwhelmed with the rich culture, breathtaking natural beauty and fascinating industry that makes the undiscovered Pilbara so unique.

The Warlu Way


The way of the Warlu, or sea serpent, traverses an ancient and sacred land rich in natural beauty and enchanting Aboriginal stories.


It sends you back in time to a mystical era when a mighty Warlu emerged from the sea and travelled through the pulsing red heart of northern Western Australia, forming waterways as he moved.


The Warly Way reveals the mysteries of the Warlu and other Aboriginal legends by taking you on a 2,480 kilometre self-drive journey through Western Australia’s Gascoyne, Pilbara and Kimberley regions – areas resplendent with sapphire seas, towering cliffs, ancient Aboriginal art, rugged ranges and inland oases.

Start your journey via the coastal drive trail


On this spectacular journey along the Pilbara’s coastal drive trail, you’ll be caught between clear blue skies and sparkling sapphire waters. Whether it’s taking a dip in the pristine waters surrounding the Mackerel Islands, fishing off Dampier or just relaxing and watching the mesmerising Staircase to the Moon, you’ll be sure to find something you enjoy on this journey along the coast.

Start your journey via the inland drive trail


The Pilbara’s inland drive trail is worlds away from anything you’ve experienced before. It’s a vast and harsh landscape with red earth for as far as the eye can see. But if you know where to look, you’ll discover hidden beauties you didn’t think were possible; pockets of emerald vegetation, secluded swimming holes and vast gorges.