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Volunteering Capacity Building

Activities / Current Activities

Volunteering Capacity Building

Volunteer staff are the lifeblood of regional community organisations, and there is rarely sufficient supply to meet demand for their services. With the recent shift from mining construction to full production in the Pilbara, this has exacerbated a challenge experienced by the entire state in addressing declining volunteer participation. In 2016, the Pilbara Regional Council partnered with the Department of Local Government and Communities to develop and implement a ground-breaking and innovative strategy to address this issue. Using the regional Welcome WiFi

network, tourists are encouraged to locate volunteering oppurtinites within a nearby radius of their present position. This allows travelers visiting the region to consider staying a little longer and deploying their valuable skills for the benefit of the Pilbara communities. Acknowledged for its innovation, the Pilbara Regional Council has been approached by many other jurisdictions seeking to emulate this approach. The program continues to gather pace, and has resulted in the appointment of a volunteering support manager located in the region.

Desired Objective

Generate greater awareness amongst the local residents and the traveling public that the Pilbara offers diverse volunteering activities.

Key Results
  • Sufficient inquiries flowing through to the Pilbara Volunteering Hub from residents and travelers interested in offering their volunteering services to local projects.
  • Greater awareness amongst the traveling public that the Pilbara offers diverse volunteering activities.
  • Increased tourism spend within the region as travelers delay their onward journey in order to participate in a range of volunteer activities.


I want to volunteer, where do I start?

If you are a volunteer looking for opportunities in the Pilbara, simply head to the nearest site where Welcome Wi-Fi is available and get online. If you are out of the region, simply go to: www.volunteeringwa.org.au/pilbara or set up your Volunteer Profile before visiting the region.

I am looking for volunteers, how can I get invovled?

If you are a Volunteer Involving Organization (VIO) in the Pilbara and would like to advertise your volunteer positions for free, please contact the Pilbara Volunteer Hub at pilbara@volunteeringwa.org.au. The team can assist you in writing up the volunteer advertisement and with any other volunteer-related questions you may have.

What is Pilbara Volunteer Hub?

Pilbara Volunteer Hub was officially launched by Volunteering WA in May 2016, run by a staff member working with a small team of trained Volunteer Referral Officers to identify, engage with, support and help build the capacity of the local community and Volunteer Involving Organisations. Send them an email if you have any questions.

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