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Visitor Centre

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Visitor Centre Websites

Visitor Centres are the primary source of tourist information once travellers enter the Pilbara region. Road based tourists use these facilities as a valued source of local information about attractions, tours, and other nearby points of interest. The visitor centres actively market local tourism operators, and attract tourism dollars that have a strong multiplier effect within the local economy.

Visitor Centres vary in their website needs, from simple information pages through to sophisticated eCommerce portals. During 2014, the Pilbara Regional Council constructed websites for five regional visitor centres, and continues to maintain these sites as a service to the visitor centre network.

The websites form part of a broader visitor centre support program that also delivers instore content via a dedicated iPad app, along with other marketing collateral as it becomes available.

Desired Objective

Continue commitments to manage activity requests and contracts.

Key Results
  • Maintain the hosting and technical back end of visitor centre sites.
  • Ensure that content is up-to-date and reflecting current tourism products and services
  • Regularly audit the sites for performance and other metrics.
  • Offer detailed traffic reports for all sites, encouraging visitor centre managers to understand how users consume the content on these sites.
  • Add additional functionality to visitor centre websites as needs change and new requirements emerge.