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Tourism iBeacon

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Tourism iBeacon Deployment


The use of iBeacon technology is rapidly increasing in tourism sectors all over the world. This inexpensive technology allows information to be sent to a mobile device based on their proximity to the beacon. It can be as specific as walking from one stand in a Visitors Centre to another and receiving product information (small radius), to broader information about a particular rest stop or attraction (larger radius). Because the technology doesn’t rely on telecommunications connection, it works anywhere and everywhere.

The Pilbara has an opportunity to purchase this technology at an opportune stage in its development.

Proposed Outcomes
  • Use cutting edge technology to serve area-specific information to tourists at a wide variety of locations spread throughout the Pilbara
  • Proposal

  • Needs and benefits investigated and demonstrated.
  • Costed model and implementation plan developed
  • Proposal socialised with key stakeholders.
  • Stakeholders participation confirmed.
  • Next steps subject to Reference Group discussions and endorsement.
  • Uniform, consistent approach to serving tourism information to visitors at key locations
  • New technologies advances are considered to connect communities and enhance services.