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Sullage Points

Key Focus Area
Economic Value
About This Project

A recently completed report on short-stay accommodation in the Pilbara identified a lack of hotels and campervan facilities.

The research concluded that while the Pilbara relies heavily on the mining industry, tourism injects $400 million into the local economy.

It also found that the Pilbara needs an additional 2,760 hotel rooms and an additional 2,129 caravan park sites and cabins by 2022 to meet demand.

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Over the past decade the campervan tourism market continued to expand. It’s now one of the most important and sustainable sector of the industry.

Growth will increase rapidly over the next few years as the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation hits the road in retirement, with this segment having preference for driving holidays.

It’s estimated that there will soon be more than 100,000 campervans on the road at any one time in Australia, with campervan tourists set to dominate tourism activity in Regional Australia.

The Camper Van Motor Home Club of Australia (CMCA) suggest that campervan tourists spend an average of $550 per week when travelling.

Clearly, it’s important to understand and meet the needs of these travellers.

Currently the CCA list only 11 campervans sullage points throughout the Pilbara region, and this PRC project plans to lift the region’s facilities in this important area.

This will also improve recreational travel for the local population, adding to the attraction of regional employment.

  • To provide the facilities required by the locals and attract and retain the caravan tourism market, we propose a feasibility need and management report.
  • If it is found to be feasible, we intend to install a number of sullage points across the Pilbara Region and provide a maintenance strategy to support them.
  • The report will identify several locations that would benefit from the installation of a sullage point and the possible tourism benefits that may result.
  • If the project is approved by our member Local Governments, we will procure these sullage points and arrange for their installation in the committed regions.