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Shared Equipment

Bureau service provision and asset sharing have always existed in business, where enhancing efficiency is the key to organizational performance and shareholder value.

Local Government in Western Australia has been slower to adopt these mechanism, partly due to notorious State Government failures in this area, and partly because cost reduction is not always the primary driver in Local Government.

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Pilbara Local Governments, in particular, have struggled to implement even elementary economies through aggregation, due to distance and various factors.

The global environment is changing rapidly, with cloud services, offshoring, asset leasing and bureau delivery becoming the norm in the corporate sector.

Many of the most common areas for bureau service delivery asset sharing offer the potential for increased efficiency and cost reduction, with little or no impact on frontline service delivery or political autonomy.

The purpose of this project is to consider the PRC members as a whole, and come to a consensus view as to which- if any- assets could be managed centrally or in a federated model to reduce cost, improve service, or otherwise increase efficiency.

  • A pool of regional assets or equipment offering tangible value to member LGAs or their communities.
  • Asset pool able to sensibly managed from a central location.
  • Asset to be identified within existing LGAs or purchased by the PRC.
  • Assets in rotation before 30 June 2015.