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RV Friendly Region

Activities / Current Activities

RV Friendly Region

Destination Pilbara

Although the Pilbara attracts more than 700,000 visitors annually, and 30% of these are leisure travellers. Of these leisure travelers, nearly 80% travel by road. An opportunity exists to develop and enhance the value of this market by specifically targeting the self-drive audience. RV Friendly Towns and Destinations is an initiative of the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia. An RV Friendly Town is one that provides basic amenities and services to mobile travellers.

The initiative encourages expansion of tourism related infrastructure and promotes economic incentives for the self-drive tourist. Since 2014, each of the Pilbara local governments has contributed significantly to implementing a range of RV amenities. The desired results of this project include achieving the RV Friendly Town Status in three of the Pilbara towns, along with a digital brochure and a continuous marketing effort to promote the Pilbara as the “newest RV Friendly” destination in Australia.

Download RV Tourist Brochure
Newman RV Brochure
Desired Objective

Celebrate the Pilbara as Australia’s newest RV Friendly region.

Key Results
  • Three RV Friendly towns another four investigated.
  • A digital RV Friendly Pilbara brochure, tailored to the audience
  • The Pilbara marketed as the “newest RV Friendly review” in Australia.