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RV Friendly Region Initiatives

Activities / Current Activities

RV Friendly Region Initiatives

Attracting RV Tourism to town centres has numerous benefits to the local economy. Research has suggested that Touring RV visitors spend between $500 and $900 per week and approximately $15,000 – $20,000 over the course of their holiday. By encouraging vehicles to reside in towns and engage with local businesses, a greater proportion of RV Tourism expenditure is likely to be felt in the local economy.

The PRC initiated a regional RV Friendly program of work with the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia in 2015. Newman has since become the first town in the North West of WA to become RV Friendly while Karratha recently achieved the status.


With other major towns all moving closer to becoming accredited in 2017, the opportunity exists to promote the RV Friendly status of the individual locations, but also the Pilbara as Australia’s first RV Friendly region with a consistent and coordinated approach.

Proposed Outcomes
  • Pilbara towns/destinations are RV Friendly
  • RV travellers are encouraged to spend more time in the Pilbara
  • Additional RV Friendly towns/destinations

  • Support the ToPH in regaining RV Friendly status.
  • Support the SoA in gaining RV Friendly status
  • Requirements assessed for not less than 3 towns/destinations.
  • Certification pathway, estimated costs and proposed timeframe provided to LGAs.
  • Support achievement of essential criteria.
  • Subject to endorsement, RV Friendly status grained.
  • Providing a more welcoming tourism experience for self-drive tourist audiences.
  • Improved recognition of the Pilbara as a tourist destination and strengthening of the Pilbara tourism brand.
  • Destination Marketing Action Plan

  • Digital and print ready regional brochure with maps for RV Friendly locations.
  • Publication of Welcome Wi-Fi targeted advertisements for each location.
  • No less than 3 agreed social media campaigns developed and distributed (member endorsement required).
  • Coordinated press release articles including RAC and CMCA.
  • Promotion on relevant traveller forums
  • Tourism opportunities are highlighted and promoted to the RV audiences in their source markets.
  • The Pilbara marketed as the “newest RV Friendly region” in Australia.