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Regional Tendering

Activities / Current Activities

Regional Tendering & Procurement

Government procurement involves guidelines and procedures to ensure that the process is conducted in accordance with ethical, fair and transparent practices. As all local governments in the Pilbara are accountable to taxpayers, they must also ensure that their procurement processes are equitable, non-discriminatory and cost efficient. Each of the Pilbara local governments purchases a range of goods and services that are essentially similar

in nature, potentially offering opportunities to combine these procurement acrtivities under a regional model. Using economies of scale, this project seeks to engage with each of the four local governments in the region, and to leverage their combined purchasing power to deliver additional value for the region either through reduced purchase cost, reduced administrative/maintenance, and/or enhanced service delivery.

Desired Objective

Identify services areas suitable for regional service alignment, procure and/or delivery.

Key Results
  • List of services / works common to members and suitable for consolidation into regional contracts.
  • Procurement of regional services that provide efficiency gains and/or cost reduction through economies of scale.
  • Operation and maintenance of existing regional contracts including annual value for money assessments.