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Regional Strategic Alignments

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Regional Strategic Alignments


Communities across the Pilbara are diverse and unique, and each Local Governments Strategic Community Plan is developed to reflect its individual qualities. However as each plan identifies long-term visions, values, aspirations and priorities for its communities, each member’s plans are likely to reflect a degree of regional similarity.

An opportunity exists to examine each of the Pilbara Local Governments strategic documents, to identify similarities and to create awareness of regional focus points. In this process, alignment with other key documents and strategies should be undertaken to understand alignment opportunities with key regional stakeholders.


By undertaking this analysis, greater regional awareness will be created as well increasing the potential for significant and/or meaningful collaboration on regional focus points.

Proposed Outcomes
  • Regional priorities investigated and collaboration opportunities identified
  • Alignment analysis

  • All members Strategic Community Plans reviewed.
  • Deep dive analysis of Long-term Financial Plans and Corporate Business Plans conducted.
  • Pilbara Investment Blueprint and Northern Australia White Paper reviewed and considered.
  • Alignment criteria determined and agreed to by Reference Group in September 2017.
  • Opportunities modelled against alignment criteria to determine ranking in September 2017.
  • Document review cycles referenced.
  • What can be done on a “regional basis” with other Councils to deliver priorities identified through keys strategic plans is clearly defined.
  • Foster opportunities for informed discussions on regional alignment and collaboration.
  • Link individual strategic documents help position future planning within a much broader context while also identifying interdependencies.
  • Alignment and Misalignment report

  • Draft report with key findings open for comment by the CEO group in early October.
  • Short and long term opportunities highlighted in the draft report
  • Short and long term misalignment highlighted in the draft report
  • Regional Projects discussed and agreed by CEO group
  • Report issued to PRC Council for discussion at the 8 December OCM.
  • Final report published.
  • Future opportunities for regional alignment/collaboration identified in advance enabling strategic regional planning to take place