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Activities / Current Activities

Increased Signage in the Pilbara

Contribution to PTPDP

The Pilbara’s greatest attraction – remoteness – is also its single largest impediment to the development of a vibrant tourism industry. There are a myriad of fascinating attractions throughout the Pilbara, however they are separated by large distances and not necessarily bonded together in a thematic fashion.

In line with the Pilbara’s vision to develop the region into a rich and vibrant tourist destination, there is a need to offer consistent and thematic signage across all of its tourist destinations and landmarks. The Pilbara Tourism Product Development Plan was drafted to facilitate this development. According to the Plan, by 2050 the Pilbara would be recognised as a tourism destination and will attract a range of visitors giving the region significant economic, social and community benefits.


The Pilbara Regional Council has delivered a Regional Signage Strategy with recommended implementation plan, as well as a Regional Brand Kit. These two documents were developed in consultation with key stakeholders, member local governments and the general public, and represent the future direction of all local government signage in the Pilbara.

Desired Objectives

Provide a sense of arrival in the region via a consistent and coordinated approach to regional entry statements and visitor information.

Key Results
  • ‘Implementation ready’ entry statements and visitor information bays designs.
  • Proposed implementation funding plans.
  • Physical implementation subject to funding.

Develop a unified regional signage program.

  • Endorsed regional signage policy and supporting practices.
  • Endorsed regional implementation plan.
  • Agreed scope of regional procurement activities.

Increase the availability and accessibility of visitor information services.

  • Examine opportunities to:
    • Change Warlu Way signage to standard tourism signage giving a destination and distance and where possible, visually depict the coastal and inland routes.
    • Install three new Warlu Way directional signs at the junction between Great Northern Highway 
(Newman) and Marble Bar Road.
    • Present signage and information to reflect the three tourism themes for the region.
    • Create synergies between the Pilbara Visitor Centre signage to ensure there is a whole of region, cohesive approach.
    • Adequately signpost trailheads on main roads so they can be easily located, using Pilbara regional branded signage.