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Regional Rating

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Regional Rating Services

Managing an efficient and cost effective rating service is key in executing the Pilbara local governments’ objective of transforming the region into a series of dynamic and thriving connected communities. The process of managing the local government’s rating function has become progressively more complex and specialised. The challenge for the Pilbara, as well as every local government in Western Australia, remains to be attracting,

securing and retaining specialist rates officers. Facilitating a regionalised Rating Service for the Pilbara local governments will provide a professional, consistent and cost effective service, resolving the issue of attracting and retaining officers to undertake this task in the region. The desired result of this project is to increase efficiency and effectiveness in rates production and collection, resulting in reducing the cost of processing rates for the Pilbara local governments by 20%.

Desired Objective

Deliver a regional rates processing service.

Key Result
  • Reduce the cost of processing rates for member LGAs by minimum of 20%.