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Regional Line

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Regional Line Marking


Pilbara local governments currently procure line marking services and manage contractual arrangements with little or no reference to a common set of broader regional requirements.


Procurement and ongoing contract management is an expensive and resource consuming activity.The PRC facilitated the procurement and delivery of a number of activities in the past, all of which continue to provide a great value for money, and enhanced flexibility to the members by reducing the overheads.

In FY17, the tender process proved that a regional service would create efficiencies in the existing service delivery. The PRC is proposing to conclude this procurement cycle, form a regional and commercially attractive contract on behalf of the members.

Proposed Outcomes
  • Provide cost reductions to line marking services through economies of scale and contract negotiation
  • Create efficiencies and effectiveness in line marking services through coordinated scheduling of works which will reduce the price impact of multiple mobilisations
  • Centrally managed procurement and contract management producing time and effort savings
  • Reduced time and effort for members on procurement
  • Regional Contract and Service delivery

  • Maximised the use of competitive local businesses where it represents value for money.
  • Draft regional contract reviewed with the Reference Group to ensure agreement on terms and member sites/specific requirements are accounted for within August 2017.
  • Contract management protocols formally agreed with the Reference Group.
  • Protocols to clearly define how the contract is going to be managed, including, but not limited to:
    • How the PRC will ascertain scope, and quantities from the members prior to scheduling the works
    • Provision of expected costs and confirming financial commitments from the members prior to scheduling the works
    • Site mobilisation dates / works schedule
    • Expected communications from PRC and contractor throughout the process
  • Schedule capital assets to visit the region as required by the members.
  • Not less than 20% cost savings achieved compared to market price.
  • Published report card measuring the success of the initiative.
  • Provide cost reduction through economies of scale.
  • Reduce the time and costs of procurement activities and contract management.