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Regional Events

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About This Project

The Western Australian Government is committed to increasing the Pilbara population. The intention to create liveable communities with modern services to provide the social capital needed to attract and retain workers and their families.

Our member LGAs would like this to include the attraction of large-scale and international entertainment events to the region. Such events will raise the international profile of the Pilbara, increase tourism appeal and spending and provide cultural enrichment to the local community.

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In FY14 the PRC ran the ‘See nothing in the Pilbara’ tourism campaign, highlighting our wide open spaces.

The region is already known for its rugged beauty and its potential for adventure holidays. To capitalize on this spirit the PRC has been liaising with the Australasian Safari, and as a result this international motor-racing event is coming to the Pilbara in 2014.

The Australasian Safari attracts media coverage from around the world, via over 60 media outlets. It is already part of the Tourism WA ‘Experience Extraordinary’ program and is supported by Eventscorp.

Once an east coast event, the Safari was moved to WA in 2007 and has been run annually since, changing rotes every year.

The 2015 Safari will be its 30th anniversary, so establishing the Pilbara as a key leg of the event this September stands the region in good stand for being part of an historic spectacular next year.

  • Foster a relationship for an annual adventure-themed event in the Pilbara
  • Leverage the success of this event to attract other events of all types to the Pilbara region
  • Make an active and measurable contribution to the success of the Pilbara Tourism Development Plan