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Regional CCTV

Key Focus Area
Regional Service Delivery
About This Project

CCTV is being deployed across all four Pilbara local governments under a variety of policy and implementation regimes. The cost of installing
and maintaining CCTV systems is significant, and this project seeks to identify opportunities for regional procurement, monitoring and/or maintenance of these facilities.


Whilst CCTV often acts as a visual deterrent, its effectiveness is greatly enhanced when there is community awareness that the system is monitored 24×7, with potential criminal or inappropriate activities reported to local authorities in real time.


The intent of the monitoring aspect of this project is to engender greater feelings of public security, whilst safeguarding public amenities.


The regional CCTV project will also investigate the potential for a cloud-based monitoring service with interfaces to police, other emergency services, and insurers as appropriate. Where identified, cost savings may be realised in reduced incidence of property damage, and/or reduced local government insurance premiums as a result of more active asset protection.

Proposed Outcomes
  • Phase One. A desktop review of all current and planned CCTV deployments by Pilbara local governments; including analysis of current procurement and maintenance arrangements.
  • Phase Two. Development of a regional procurement strategy supporting economies of scale for the deployment of future facilities.
  • Phase Three. Development of a regional maintenance strategy supporting economies of scale via a single specialist third party contractor.
  • Phase Four. Development of a cost effective monitoring model that allows all connected CCTV systems to be continuously monitored with real time reporting to appropriate authorities.