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Pilbara Research Online

Key Focus Area
A Voice For The Pilbara
About This Project

Often cited as one of the most studied places on the planet, finding information about the Pilbara is rarely the problem. Rather it is the wealth of data from hundreds of disparate sources that makes locating true information challenging.


Pilbara Research Online offers a comprehensive database that is regularly updated with new data as it becomes available.


Data is drawn from a broad variety
of sources; underpinned by a sophisticated search engine that delivers fast results from a library of hundreds of research papers, reports, and academic journals.


Sitting behind the technology is a collaborative joint venture between the Pilbara Regional Council and Regional Development Australia (Pilbara).


Staff regularly scan content producers for new articles and other publications that may be cataloged and added to the repository.


The result is accurate and contemporary information delivered on demand from one reliable source – PilbaraResearchOnline.com.au

Proposed Outcomes
  • Regularly scan published literature for new inclusions within the knowledge repository.
  • Market the site as the most comprehensive source of consolidated knowledge pertaining to the Pilbara.
  • Actively offer the site to external entites to seeking information about the Pilbara.
  • Manage all technical aspects of the site to ensure that information is catalogued and meta-tagged correctly to facilitate advanced searches.

Developed on behalf of Regional Development Australia Pilbara