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Payroll Processing

Key Focus Area
Economic Value
About This Project

Recent studies by KPMG and the Futures Group identifies several opportunities to leverage economies of scale to offset some of the challenges of delivering local government services in the Pilbara.

One of these opportunities is a centralised approach to the delivery of payroll processing services.

Processing payroll has become a ‘commodity’ service. It can be readily and reliably conducted from a lower-cost region, freeing up existing HR staff for higher-value duties.

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This reduces the risk associated with complex superannuation and other statutory requirements (and removes the need to train staff).

The concept of outsourcing payroll systems predates the widespread used of personal computers.

It has become increasingly popular in recent years, as organisations have sought to extract greater value from their investment in employees and ensure more accurate payments.

For employees, a reliable payroll system is one of the most visible measures of a successful HR technology strategy.

This project will pursue an optimum solution for the Pilbara region.


Delivery of a fully outsourced clound-based service providing seamless payroll processing to all councils.