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Old Onslow

Activities / Current Activities

Old Onslow Conservation

To establish the Pilbara as a viable tourism destination among the public, projects addressing the preservation and appreciation of cultural and historic landmarks are important contributors to regional economic developmemt. The original Onslow was proclaimed a town in 1883, and named after Sir Alexander Onslow, the acting Governor and Chief Magistrate of Western Australia at the time. The site supported the nearby pastoral stations that had been established along the Ashburton River and the gold mines that had developed in the proximity and in the hinterland. One of the first recorded stations was Minderoo, established in 1882. Over the

years, the Old Onslow Townsite has suffered the effects of erosion and unmanaged tourism, leading to significant deterioration in the site and its remaining structures. Sponsors including Chevron Australia were have provided funding for restoration and management efforts under their State Agreement. As part of the development approval process associated with the Wheatstone project and development of a use area for the Ashburton North Strategic Industrial Area, partnerships between government and corporate entities are securing effective management for years to come.

Desired Objective

Conserve a regional landmark that has statewide heritage significance.

Key Results
  • Work in collaboration with DSD, Chevron and the Shire of Ashburton
  • Complete safety and stabilisation works
  • Conduct heritage conservation works
  • Include interpretation and experience support materials