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Mountain Bike Master Plan

Activities / Current Activities

Mountain Bike Master Plan

Mountain biking has become increasingly popular in recent years, with almost half a million West Australians owning a bicycle. This is a tremendous opportunity to incite interest among cycling enthusiasts to visit the Pilbara region, using the unique North West landscape is the motivator for visitors seeking nature and adventure-based tourism. The Pilbara and Kimberley are perfectly positioned to capitalise on the opportunities that mountain biking presents., offering a rugged environment and a landscape that cannot be found elsewhere 

in the world. Initial activities within this project involve identifying existing formal and informal trails, documenting deconstraint requirements to resolve land access, and considering potential amenities to support enthusiasts.  By initiating a cooperative and regional approach to trail planning, this project will eventually result in a prioritised, time-bound and costed regional Mountain Bike Trail Action Plan that allows each of the four Pilbara local governments to develop thematic mountain biking experiences within their regions.

Desired Objectives

Encourage and support a strong coordinated and cohesive approach to Mountain Bike master planning.

Key Results
  • Facilitate discussions for the consideration of a Pilbara-wide Mountain Bike masterplan to recognise and support the sport on a regional level.
  • Summarise infrastructure and current state in matrix table to highlight suitability and opportunities for improvement; consideration must include:
    • Trail model (hub, centre, network, trails)
    • Regional Master planning
    • Detailed Trail planning
    • Trails classification system
    • Maintenance

Secure external sources of funding.

  • Explore opportunities for developer contributions to mountain biking trails and infrastructure.

Develop a purpose-built, prioritised, time-bound and costed regional mountain bike trail action plan that encourages growth and innovation in developing the Pilbara as a Mountain Bike destination (subject to funding).

  • Facilitate the development of plans that support mountain biking at the Pilbara-wide regional level as well as local level.
  • Identify processes and key partnerships that will drive the efficient and successful development of mountain bike activities in the Pilbara.
  • Encourage mountain bike clubs and groups and volunteer workforce to support and facilitate the effective implementation and operation of the plan.