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Green Waste

Activities / Current Activities

Green Waste Processing

Processing green waste offers the potential for significant environmental and community, but is inherently capital intensive and requires large quantities of waste to be cost efficient. On their own, there is little evidence to suggest that individual Pilbara local governments should invest in capital assets to perform this function, and the waste should simply be consigned to landfill. When taken in the aggregate however, this model changes. Combining the waste stockpiles of the Pilbara local governments into one contract makes it sufficiently attractive for commercial operators to bid on transforming this waste into a reusable community asset.

As a result of this activity, initial green waste stockpiles have already been shredded into mulch that can be used on parks and gardens right across the Pilbara, contributing to the general health, livelihood and environmental beauty of the region. Now fully implemented and operational, the Pilbara Regional Council’s role is to monitor green waste stockpiles and to manage an external contract for the ongoing processing of this waste on commercially attractive terms.

Desired Objective

Change green waste from potential landfill into a usable community asset

Key Results
  • Schedule capital assets to visit the region as required
  • Process green waste stockpiles into usable mulch
  • Reduce waste processing costs via economies of scale
  • Contribute towards greening the Pilbara