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Destination Pilbara

Activities / Current Activities

Destination Pilbara

The Pilbara has an established visitation sector, showing strong growth over the past decade in aircraft and passenger movements through all major airports. While this is positive, visitation has been primarily associated with employment and/or business related travel and has effectively crowded out leisure and holiday-based tourism. As the region transitions mining construction activity to the production phase, this offers additional capacity for leisure travel and accommodation. The Pilbara Tourism Product Development Plan was constructed

to provide a strong framework for future growth in the leisure tourism sector. The plan involves enhancing marketing efforts to create greater awareness of the Pilbara as a leisure tourism destination. The plan is projected to deliver tourists with compelling and time-specific reasons to visit the region through events and iconic experiences, heighten marketing efforts by targeting appropriate market segments and distribution channels, and change the public’s perception towards the region by playing to the region’s key strengths.

Warlu Way Catalogue

Things to do and places to see travelling the amazing Pilbara.

Download Warlu Way Catalogue (2.4MB)

Desired Objective

Re-positioning the Pilbara’s tourism reputation.

Key Results
  • Provide compelling time-specific reasons to visit Pilbara destinations through regional events and iconic experiences.
  • Target specific market segments and distribution channels with measurable outcomes.
  • Change the narrative (e.g.: “the Pilbara is newly affordable”, and reverse/change the boom narrative)
  • Play to the region’s strength (three thematic experiences, RV Friendly, Warlu Way inland and coastal drive trails, Wi-Fi enabled, etc.).


  • Pilbara Destination Marketing action plan.