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Camping with Custodians (Peedamulla)

Activities / Current Activities

Camping with Custodians

Contribution to PTPDP

A lack of variety in accommodation has long been identified as a significant issue for tourism in the Pilbara (Pilbara Tourism Product Development Plan, 2014). In addition to this, the lack of options for leisure travelers to engage with authentic aboriginal culture not only leaves visitors feeling unsatisfied with their visit, but also represents missed opportunities for the indigenous communities of the region.


Tourism WA developed the Camping with Custodians initiative to establish a network of commercial camping grounds across lands owned or controlled by Aboriginal people.

The initiative intends to allow visitors to learn about the lifestyle, history, heritage and culture of Western Australian Aboriginal people.


Peedamulla Station, near Onslow was identified as a priority site for Camping with Custodians. As a functioning cattle station, it will not only allow visitors an opportunity to learn about the early pastoral history of the north west, but also to engage with an aboriginal community that is enthusiastic to share its history and culture. The campground, located just north of the heritage listed Peedamulla Homestead, provides a secluded location to experience the best of the Pilbara: culture, nature and quiet.

Desired Objective

Contribute to availability of a larger and more diverse range of accomodation in the Pilbara.

Key Results
  • Support Tourism WA in implementing a Camping with Custodian campground at Peedamulla Station.