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Age and Dementia Friendly East Pilbara

Activities / Current Activities

Age and Dementia Friendly East Pilbara

In FY17, the Pilbara Regional Council was endorsed to investigate the feasibility for, and if supported, implementation of a Pilbara wide Age Friendly Strategy.


The Age Friendly Communities framework is a set of 8 measures of the suitability of a location to seniors, which feeds into improvements and strategies to improve services to this important demographic.

The framework was developed by the World Health Organisation, and the Department of Local Government now implements this across as many local governments as will agree to participate. WA itself has just been admitted as an affiliate of the WHO Global Network, one of very few State Governments internationally to do so.


More recently, the State Government funded Alzheimer’s WA to develop a modular addition to the Age Friendly Communities model for dementia, and in order to prevent duplication of multiple ‘friendliness plans’, the two have been designed by AWA and the State Government to be integrated.

Proposed Outcomes
  • Support better connections across demographics, more affordable services, and better-managed infrastructure,
  • Access to the evidence required to make stronger case for increased medical facilities and care services to meet the needs of the community,
  • Informed and targeted requirements input into and support the community and the Shire’s new vision for the revised Strategic Community Plan,
  • East Pilbara begins to be known as an Age and Dementia Friendly community, contributing to increased population retention and attraction capacity.
  • Identify and classify Age Friendly drivers

  • Desktop research to understand Age Friendly domains, drivers, and demographic analysis (including the most recent ABS data)
  • Development of assessment methodology that is consistent with Government and WHO standards
  • Develop or acquire audit instrument to facilitate assessment
  • Review relevant strategic and aged care documentation including guidelines, interstate programs, best practice exemplars and regional documents (including the RDAP’s North West Aged Care Strategy – due for release in October)
  • Structured and agreed methodology and approach to Age Friendly driver analysis
  • Assess current state of maturity for Age Friendly drivers

  • Conduct procurement process for consultants
  • Draft workshop and tour plan
  • Prepare marketing materials
  • Have stakeholder lists endorsed by Reference group
  • SoEP engagement to assess current state of maturity for Age Friendly drivers
  • Analysis of the Local Government Planning Scheme to determine suitability of current scheme measures
  • Industry stakeholder engagement to assess current state of maturity for Age Friendly drivers
  • Community consultation to assess current state of maturity for Age Friendly drivers
  • Maximise engagement to ensure robust and accurate data from the community
  • Ensure data is analysed properly in the context of the agreed methodology to enable actionable recommendations
  • Prioritize initiatives to achieve desired state of maturity for Age Friendly drivers

  • Drafting of gap report to inform development of range of Age Friendly initiatives
  • SoEP engagement to workshop range of Age Friendly initiatives
  • Refinement of Age Friendly initiatives based on SoEP input
  • Via EOI or other instrument, collect preliminary cost data to inform initiatives
  • Maximise Local Government engagement in process to ensure desired state targets meet with Council’s aspirations for the future of their community
  • Draft data to inform Strategic Community Plan and Long Term Financial Plan

  • Special recommendations to other Shire plans, programs and the Local Government Planning Scheme
  • Final Draft Age Friendly Plan
  • Actionable recommendations are provided and integrated into the Shire’s SCP process