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Potential in State’s north excites China

Potential in State’s north excites China

› Ben Leahy | North West Telegraph | 20 April 2016 | Page 10

Chinese companies are eyeing opportunities to buy land in the Kimberley and Pilbara to raise cattle and other livestock, provided they can get access to water resources, an investor says.

Chatting to the Telegraph last week, WeiLin Agriculture International president Wei Liu said he had attended the EASTxWEST Forum in Shenzhen, China, to learn more about investment opportunities in the State’s North West.

Mr Liu’s company already owns water reserves and a 9000ha cotton plantation in New South Wales and he had toured the Pilbara and Kimberley at the invitation of government officials

“We want to breed pigs and cattle in Australia because six of our senior managers have significant investment visas in Australia,” Mr Liu said through an interpreter.

“Investing in Australia is a must for us … we want to select one project in one place and as long as we think it is a perfect choice we will take action.

“WA has more potential to develop, especially in the pastoral sector.”

Mr Liu said he agreed with speakers at the forum that WA farmers and pastoralists could seize the opportunity to help meet Asia and the world’s growing demand for safe food sources over coming decades.

However, unlike Singaporean investor Bruce Cheung, who bought the Pilbara’s Pardoo Station to produce a premium beef aimed at Chinese consumers, Mr Liu said his company would target Australian consumers.

He said Australia currently imported 50 per cent of the pigs it consumed.

“So in the future we hope Australian consumers consume 100 per cent local pigs,” he said.

Mr Liu said he enjoyed the big picture discussions at the forum but would also have liked to dig deeper into more investment ready proposals that his company could have seriously considered.


Featured image: Pardoo Beef Corporation, Mr Bruce Cheung at the EASTxWEST Forum 2016