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Free Wi-Fi in Karijini

Free Wi-Fi in Karijini

[Media Release] Welcome Wi-Fi connects Karijini Visitor Centre

One of Western Australia’s most iconic national parks, Karijini National Park is now connected with free public Wi-Fi. Tourists travelling into the park through the beautiful Karijini Visitor Centre will now be able to connect and share their experiences through this free public service.

The project is managed by the Pilbara Regional Council, in collaboration with the Department of Parks and Wildlife and funded by the four Pilbara local governments. The Karijini Welcome Wi-Fi point is part of a Pilbara wide project that enables tourists to stay connected on their travels.

“Activating free Wi-Fi in this popular destination is a major stepping-stone for Pilbara tourism”, said Tony Friday, Chief Executive of Pilbara Regional Council.

The hugely successful Welcome Wi-Fi project has seen 34 hotspots connected across towns and other remote locations in the region, with Wi-Fi at Karijini Visitor Centre the latest addition. The network has attracted more than 42,000 unique visitors since it was rolled out in July 2015.

The Welcome Wi-Fi network follows much of the Warlu Way, a drive trail showcasing both inland and costal scenery and following the path of the Warlu, an Indigenous Dreamtime sea serpent.

To learn more about the Pilbara’s Welcome Wi-Fi facilities, please visit

Click here to download images of Karijini National Park.

Pilbara Welcome Wi-Fi Network