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WALGA Engagement


WALGA Engagement


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Increasing agility, reducing red tape, modernising the local government sector, and improving community participation in decision-making, should be priorities for local governments.

The Western Australia Local Government Association (WALGA) is the peak body for local governments in Western Australia, and regularly provides detailed analysis of government policies to members, whilst also advocating for reform through the many reference groups and advisory bodies it sits on.


By engaging more robustly, the Pilbara will reap the benefits of being more effectively integrated into the WALGA zone process. By providing more support to the Pilbara Zone representative, and by getting more involved in the advocacy work WALGA already does (where aligned to regional priorities), the Pilbara Regional Council will avail itself of new opportunities to collaborate with the broader sector and effect change.


Simple reforms, such as changes to the timing of Pilbara Regional Council meetings, could improve the Pilbara Regional Council’s ability to add and have input on items that go onto the State Council’s agenda. This would extend the reach of the organisation’s advocacy and support WALGA’s agenda where possible, both crucially important given the Pilbara Regional Council’s place as the designated WALGA zone group for the region.


This comes at a time where a new State Government Minister for Local Government is focused on a more inclusive relationship with the sector, with a Partnership Agreement being developed between the Department, WALGA, and Local Government Professionals Australia WA.


At the top of the priority list for the new government in this Partnership is increasing agility, reducing red tape, modernising the local government sector, and improving community participation in decision-making.


The result of greater integration with the largest local government advocacy body in Western Australia should be a more cooperative relationship, more opportunities to spread the word on our issues, and greater success with external stakeholders in achieving tangible outcomes for the region.

Commitments Sought

That a commitment to be made to:


  •  That the Pilbara Regional Council and WALGA are able to agree on a series of advocacy issues that are of regional significance, and pursue them as an ‘alliance’.