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Karijini Deconstraint


Karijini Deconstraint



  • Karijini National Park is an iconic tourism draw card for the Pilbara region, and the deconstraint of a suitable land package is essential to encourage and de-risk private investment in the development of accommodation and amenities
  • The Pilbara Regional Council seeks the support and funding required to identify a package of land suitable for accommodation and amenities, and prepare it for the investment market.

Karijini National Park is the iconic tourism draw card for the Pilbara region in the same way that Kakadu National Park is an icon of the Northern Territory, and has the same potential to increase tourism volumes through the development of an eco-tourism sub-industry.

Karijini National Park is one of Australia’s most well-known and visited national parks, with world-class landscape and natural beauty.


Much work has progressed in terms of the feasibility of deconstraining land in the Karijini National Park for the development of a greater level of accommodation and amenity to support higher volumes of visitors into the future. More work is required however before this proposal can become investable.


The Pilbara Regional Council and the four local governments of the Pilbara, intends to identify a suitable package of land to deconstrain for the development of an accommodation facility. Issues surrounding land tenure, indigenous custodianship, and attractiveness to a potential investor and/or operator, State Government support, and an economic and financial model will all be developed and resolved.


The support of the managers of the Karijini Eco Retreat has been secured, and a funding model is being developed. A funding arrangement, with the National Stronger Regions Fund providing a 50% concessional loan would allow the State Government to value the land, provision support, and funds for its deconstraint, and then seek private investment contribution to take the project through to completion.

Commitments Sought

That a commitment to be made to:


  1. Acknowledge that Karijini National Park is the iconic tourism draw card for the Pilbara in the same way that Kakadu National Park is an icon of the Northern Territory; and
  2. Remove roadblocks and impediments to the development of an investment opportunity through support for approvals and deconstraining initiatives under a lead agency State Government framework; and
  3. Provide sufficient funding in forward estimates so as to be able to guarantee availability of conditional funds to match an application for a Federal concessional loan from the National Stronger Regions Fund; and
  4. Support a funding application to the National Stronger Regions Fund for a concessional loan to match leveraged State Government funds.