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It is essential that the Northern Australia White Paper and the Pilbara Investment Blueprint work hand-in-hand to contribute to northern prosperity.
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Developing Northern Australia in the West


Developing Northern Australia in the West



  • It is essential that the Northern Australia White Paper and the Pilbara Investment Blueprint work hand-in-hand to contribute to northern prosperity
  • A State Government Minister for Northern Australia would be able to assist in the delivery of these state and regional development objectives, increasing coordination and collaboration between all tiers of Government.

Development of these industries is consistent with the Federal Government’s vision for the development of Northern Australia, and with the State Government’s Pilbara Development Commission Investment Blueprint, supported by the Royalties for Regions fund.

The Northern Australia White Paper seeks to develop the north into an Australian trade gateway. With the rise in Asian populations causing with a rapid increase in the middle class – especially in China – strategic investment into the agriculture and services sectors will be major drivers of future economic growth in the north. Just as high demand for iron ore and natural gas has led to major capital investment in the resources industry in the north, the rise in Asian middle class populations will drive future investments.


As Government continues to enable business success through policy coordination, the north-west will grow from strength to strength towards the overarching goal of a stronger and more prosperous Australia.


This Federal Government vision is not at odds with State Government policy; on the contrary, there is significant support for the goal of diversifying the north-west in order to take advantage of new markets and develop new industries. Whilst some of the language differs, the Pilbara Development Commission’s Investment Blueprint and the broader Royalties for Regions Fund have clear shared goals. Building regional capacity, enabling business development through critical infrastructure investment, diversifying the Pilbara economy and value-adding to business innovation and robustness are all aligned in one way or another to the objectives of the White Paper.


The Investment Blueprint sees transformational opportunities such as the development of high-value cropping, aquaculture and biofuel production, market and land access, automation technology and streamlining governance as key to future growth. These opportunities are complementary to the White Paper objectives to increase market access through attracting foreign investment, building critical port and road infrastructure, developing a northern workforce, good governance and water resources. If strong coordination with the Federal Government leads to an enhanced share of the Northern Australia Development Fund, State and Federal investment in these objectives will combine to ensure the Pilbara continues to be a powerhouse of economic growth.

Commitments Sought

That a commitment to be made to:


  1. Establish a new ministerial portfolio tasked specifically with coordinating with the Federal Minister for Northern Australia, and the Northern Territory and Queensland Governments to achieve the vision of the Northern Australia White Paper; and
  2. Work to attract sufficient share of the Northern Australia Development Fund to deliver the strategic imperatives outlined in the White Paper that will have a profound multiplier effect on the Pilbara economy.